Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Originally posted 4-13-08

Sara and I started re-doing the kitchen this afternoon Sunday 04-13-08. We found an inspirational photo from a catalogue and have bought the supplies for the interim fix before the grand retiling etc. Will try to put up some pics as we progress. For those of you in the local
area we will be having a HGTV day at the old house. We have nearly completed all of the fixes and painting etc. at the old house once complete and ready to go on the market we would like you all to come over have a walk through and give us criticism. There will be champaigne and merrymaking also. I will keep you all posted. My boss came over with some divining rods and walked around my yard trying to find my footer drains. Interesting looks from the neighbors. we
located several pipes but are not sure which are for the footer drains or if there are any footer drains. We may have to dig to china yet.

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