Friday, April 17, 2009

Killing Time

Jeffrey was supposed to bring home a whole bunch of pictures I had surreptitiously loaded onto his work camera so I could amuse myself and elucidate re: the house, this evening. But he went straight to the House of Gaming and didn't bring home the jump drive, which has resulted in me using "stock" photos.

So, I amused myself by uploading a crapload of house photos to the flickr thread. Enjoy.

BONUS: Here's a picture of a sleepy kitten in a basket to make up for lack of a real post.


  1. Sara, you guys have already made amazing progress...It is a great house!

  2. Huntington is the town of cheap, attractive housing you should move here and get one for yourself.

  3. Pictures of kittens in baskets are always a winner.


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