Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Originally posted 3-08-09

After removing the subfloor from the basement in the future wargaming room I am now able to determine where the water is coming from.Sara and I came home Friday night to find about 5 gallons of water, I know because I mopped it up, in the utility room and the wargame room, from
now on referred to as the MEN'S ROOM (MR). Water is infiltrating from the eastern side of the house somewhere between the MR and the Laundry room and seeping out from under Northeast corner and migrating into the southwest corner. For those of you who are not hydrologist the first
rule of hydrology is that water runs down hill. Dr. Deel and I will be excavating approximately three (3) feet below ground surface (b.g.s.) as soon as the weather permits and re-installing a drainage system.
Upon completion of the new drainage I will be able to fully inhabit my lair and begin decorating with many stuffed animal heads, my uncle IS a taxidermist.

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