Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Originally posted 3-13-08

Dr. Deel has been digging and glueing like man posessed, posesed, possessed, possesed, they really need spell-check on this site. We replace all of the downspout plumbing on the east side of the house. I will be digging up the west side this week. Saturday is a big landfill run to clean out the garage which has become a catch-all for anything removed from the house. We cleaned out the stone chimney out back and had dinner, chicken finger and veggie patties, by the fire last night.
I believe next year for Marshall U away games I am going to have tailgate parties in the screened in porch, which is wired for cable, and the fire pit. I was mistaken about the way the water was entering the house it is still coming from the Southeast corner. Promise I will
get some new pics uploaded.

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