Saturday, May 30, 2009

WV Hills

Oh look darling....where are we?

What is better than a lovely drive in the country? Shady lanes, wide rolling fields, and even a turkey-spotting.

Oh gag, what is that smell??

Darn it, we're still at the landfill!

I swear HTS has to have the prettiest landfill ever. You can almost imagine you're far away, out in the country, if it wasn't for the fact that under all this beauty is several hundred feet of garbage, and what I am convinced is several billion cubic meters of methane, waiting to blow Guyandotte sky-high.

But there are landfill surprises...what is this? Do you see what I see? Someone had ditched an entire flower bed full of irises!

MINE! Free plants! Hooray!
I can't wait until next spring to see what color my garbage flowers are!

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