Tuesday, May 26, 2009


J and I have taken this week off to work on some of the thousands of projects around the house...things that are just too big, too scary, or too overwhelming to attempt to finish in a series of evenings.

So far, we've accomplished sleeping until at least ten and starting the dinner/cocktail hour at about 5pm. Between that, some other things are actually getting done.

For one, we've finished the kitchen floor. When we moved in, it was covered in a delightful faux-parquet vinyl floor. Mmm. Fake wood.

It is now covered in a delightful matte fake stone.

This floor was truly trying labor. DO NOT, no matter how nice They say it's going to look, attempt to lay down this stuff on a diagonal. We'd have been finished in two hours (and not ten months) if we'd not done that.

I keep you posted as the week progresses, and we'll see what happens when two lazy people try to buckle down.

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