Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Door Wars

We decided to change the color on the front door. I was a bit sad about losing the "house with the purple door" identifier, but I wanted something more...More. And, I got it.
Original color:

So far this week, it's been two colors (chromosity has not been adjusted to compensate for dark skies at time of photo shoot, but this is pretty much it).
Color A:

HOLY CRAP! You can see this from outer space! This is almost the exact color of a door I saw on a charming cottage with the same color stonework in France. Why does it look like it's threatening me?

Color B:

AIEEE! This is even screamier than the first (you can see the previous color where I haven't completely trimmed out the door). It matches the flag, but is still visible from Pluto.

Okay, it's your turn. Here's a collage of possible colors, courtesy of some sloppy Photoshopping. Clock in.

Keep the following in mind:

A. J. likes red, but there are already 5 red doors on our street. There are many black ones also.

B. I think I'm in France or Italy

C. There is an extreme likelihood that J. will want to paint the trim the same color as the door, and early Photoshopping experiments have shown that to be a VERY bad idea, even though he thinks it "pops". Too much HGTV.


Here is the (messy) blank door template if you'd like to try your own colors.


  1. Sara, Rachel linked your blog to me so I could provide much needed assvice. How about a true provincial blue to go with the whole "living a French cottage" thing? Yes, that color would be somewhat close to the original color, but a bit more cobalt than periwinkle.

    Anyhow, thanks for the opportunity to waste more of my workday on the Internet.


  2. Melinda, this is Jeffrey, what exactly is assvice?


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