Sunday, May 23, 2010

So, this house looks to me like a cottage. And I have come to think of it as such. A giant cottage in an urban neighborhood, but nonetheless...

We decided Miss 43 needed some cottage jewelry, so after looking through my tear sheets and wish lists we decided to buy a window box. We actually spotted it last year at Hooks and Lattice, and saved up enough to buy it.
Installing it on this stone requires special and complicated equipment, something to which J. is fortunate to have access.

In this case, it's called a "hammer drill" and it does both of those things.

So, one hammer drills holes, inserts a few giant screw anchors into the sill, and then puts in a few really long screws. I was terrified we were going to somehow crack the sill, the windows would fall out, and then cats and insects alike would come and go at will.

But this did not happen. The magic of catastrophic thinking is still failing me.

A helper cat is not necessary to complete this project, but you may want to have one standing by just in case.

It looks beautiful...from the house. From the street it's nearly invisible.

No...wait, what I REALLY need is a flowerbed!

No...wider! Dig, man, dig!
For someone who doesn't really care about gardening, I'm getting a lot of things planted.

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